Zachary Russ

Mandelbrot Set Exploration Application
Oct - Dec 2021



In my Computer Graphics Images course, I created a Mandelbrot set exploration application for my final project.

I experimented with different drawing, coloring, and reconstruction techniques to create beautiful images of the fractal.

In April of 2022, I was given the award of Outstanding Undergraduate Project from Clemson University's School of Computing for my work on the application.

The code is available on my GitHub.

Nov 2022 - Present




In my free time, I have been developing SEVER, a point-and-click game-building system written in C# for Unity.

I recently played through some of the Myst games and felt incredibly inspired.

SEVER is still very much in its infancy, but I have used it to create a few demos that demonstrate its features. Behind the scenes of each demo is a fairly complicated and tedious system of nodes linked together by hand.

My next step will be to create editor tools in Unity that abstract some of the tediousness away and hide it behind some sort of intuitive workflow.

Selling Models
Mar 2018 - Present


Since 2018, I have been selling models on Turbosquid and CGTrader. My most sold model is a wheelchair I made for a personal project.

Rectangle Tiles
Oct 2022


I wrote some Python code to solve how many different ways there are to tile an n by n square using rectangles.

This is a question I have wanted to solve for months. In my senior year at college, I managed to find a paper on this topic written by Joshua Smith and Helena Verrill.

The paper has lots of scary maths that I cannot entirely follow, but it gave me an idea for how to reframe the problem in a way that I could solve in code.

This video shows every possible way to tile a 4x4 square with rectangles. There are over seventy thousand of them. The video is almost twenty minutes long, and sixty tilings are shown every second.

Traditional and Digital Artworks


Paint Tool SAI

Both for university assignments towards my minor in Digital Production Arts and for personal projects, I created traditional and digital artworks.

Mar - May 2022


Paint Tool SAI

For my Visual Foundations II course, I created a short comic called Turnpike.

Behind the scenes, I created and rigged 3D models in Blender that I could use to draw over, as well as to create the interesting shading effect. You can see more about the process here.

My last semester at Clemson was the heaviest. It was manageable, but I could not give everything my all at the same time. Because of this, I prioritized classwork that had me write code. As a result, art assignments got put on the back-burner, and the comic very sadly ended up making no sense.

However, I absolutely adore the little characters I made and plan to do much more with them in the future!

VR Animal Population Simulator in Unity
Feb - Apr 2022




For my Virtual Reality Systems course, I collaborated with a small team of classmates to create a VR application in Unity.

We were asked to create an interactive simulator of a population of animals, which we represented abstractly as spheres.

I created the environment, implemented the water system, wrote the animal behavior script, and implemented hunger, thirst, reproduction, and aging.

Sep 2021


In my Computer Graphics course, one of our assignments was to create a ray-tracer from scratch in C++.

I extended the project by implementing multiple lights, shadows, and multi-sample anti-aliasing.

Of all my university assignments, this one had to have been my favorite. At the very least, it was in my top three.

Logic Gate Circuit Simulator
July 2022



Simply for fun, I created a basic logic circuit simulator in Unity. The application allows you to place switches, logic gates, and lamps.

The components can be connected by clicking the output of one component followed by the input of another component.

2016 - Present



I make a lot of little artistic things that often never end up online. This is a compilation of some of these things.

Most of what is showcased in this video was created in Blender, but a few things were made in Unreal.

Contributions to the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

I have authored three sequences for the OEIS. Check them out!